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Codage : custom cosmetics !

May 02, 2012 | Parisian Eye
When it comes to cosmetics, I have a motto : only the best for my face !
Always open to discover new lines that can do wonders to my skin, there is one I tried recently and need to tell you about : Codage.
This young, innovative French family brand has seduced many before me, starting with Colette – the world famous Paris boutique.
What seduced me first is their customised approach to beauty : ordering online, you can order products that are especially formulated and custom-made for you.

How does it work ? Well, it only takes 4 simple steps :

First, you diagnose your needs using my DIAGNOSIS, that recommends customised formulas
Then, you validate the recommended formula
What happens next is, that your very own product is custom made by the Codage lab based on the designated formula
Finally, receive your product at home ready-to-apply !

Codage really pays attention to details : not only is your formula personalised, but your package too : your initials are printed on the bottle… Ideal not to mix it with your other half’s, who surely will become as addicted as you are.

And since Parisian Eye is all about what I have reviewed and approved… Stay tuned for my upcoming review of Codage‘s Serum n°3 !


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